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17 Sep 2018 Coca-Cola is looking at pitching cans of cannabis-infused wellness drinks to consumers in the latest bid by a big beverage behemoth to tackle  PepsiCo: A Paradigm Shift Into The CBD Beverage Market

Colorado companies hope to tap infused beverage craze

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Sep 1, 2019 Coca Cola was founded in 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton, Coca Cola's interest in entering the CBD infused drink market is evident,  Jul 24, 2019 A CBD-infused water, Oki water, is set to hit major grocery stores in to Coca-Cola, brands are chomping at the bit to launch CBD-infused  May 6, 2019 Coca-Cola executives announced that they are not creating cannabis-infused drinks anytime soon. Relax Gummies CBD Infused Cola Flavor gummies are natural, THC free edibles sourced from industrial hemp. Add these consumables infused with CBD oil  Oct 14, 2019 Coca-Cola is in cahoots with Canadian-based Aurora Cannabis Inc. with a vested interest in creating drinks infused with CBD. Kent Landers 

Sep 18, 2018 For a substance that's still pretty illegal under federal law, CBD is making its way across the food and beverage industry rather quickly. From the  Oct 30, 2018 Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said on Tuesday that the beverage giant doesn't "have any plans at this stage" to enter the CBD market. Aug 17, 2019 The overarching question is not whether PepsiCo (PEP) or Coca-Cola (KO) will push the envelope by selling cannabis-infused beverages in  2 days ago Amazingly, an anonymous person on YouTube caused enough stir about Coca-Cola entering the CBD-infused beverage space that the  Mar 5, 2019 Coca-Cola is working on making CBD-infused beverages, and its possible alliance with Aurora will settle the bill. There have been mixed 

22 Nov 2018 Drinks manufacturer Coca Cola has said it's “closely watching the Products infused with CBD appear in many different forms – sweets, dog 

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Massive Companies Like Coca-Cola Are Thinking About Making

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Dec 26, 2019 Coca-Cola denied that it has plans to enter the CBD market in a of the soda company's intent to launch a line of CBD-infused drinks in  Oct 30, 2018 Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey on Tuesday dismissed rumors that the beverage giant is mulling an entrance into the legal cannabis industry,  6 days ago The speculation comes after a since-deleted YouTube video showed a man opening a can of Coke that he claimed was infused with CBD oil. Sep 17, 2018 Coca-Cola says it's monitoring the nascent industry and is interested in drinks infused with CBD -- the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana  Sep 17, 2019 Atlanta based Coca-Cola is eyeing a possible entry into the cannabis industry by infusing cannabidiol/CBD into “functional wellness beverages 

CBD now has 'a life of its own' and a former Coca-Cola exec 29 Oct 2019 Because sales of CBD infused products are expected to reach $22bn by 2022, Marano wants to create a robust portfolio of brands now that  As Coca-Cola considers cannabis drinks, hopes for CBD still 23 Sep 2018 For Coca-Cola, the world's largest soda company, to consider developing a cannabis-infused beverage shows how much excitement there is  Coca-Cola Joins A-Rod's CBD Drink | The Harvest Investor 7 Jan 2019 Coca-Cola has been facing shifting shopping habits, which have agitated the industry. It is taking a minority stake in Iris Nova, a company  Coke and Pepsi Could Be Cannabis Stocks — if They Join the